Mistake #17: Wife Kills Husband During Run

Mistake #17: Wife Kills Husband During Run

Knightdale Woman Kills Husband; Children Unharmed

RALEIGH- On this beautiful Sunday in North Carolina, I am truly at a shock at this type of marriage:

Witnesses say that while they are a part of a “women’s only” group called Black Girls Run

the event’s organizer, Mrs. Melissa Grady-Lyde invited her husband of almost 15 years

… Mr. Phillip L Lyde, the self-proclaimed “Prosperous Rhinoceros“.

Husband Showed Signs Of Distress During Run

Mr. Lyde, an entrepreneur who is also veteran of the United States Army, appeared to be disoriented after the first mile

witnesses say.

Witnesses also say he was heard complaining about his shins, and that the route the group were on was not the right track. Mistake #17: Wife Kills Husband During Run

He even admitted during his demise as the women “had to be cheating” at some point, because although he’d never ran the course prior to today…

“He eventually wound up three miles out of the way!”

By the time he arrived back at the starting point, his children had drained the battery on his minivan, thereby causing him to hitch a ride back home with his wife.

As this story continues to unfold, more updates will follow…

What is Mistake #17 and How You Can Avoid It In Your MLM

Simply put: it is rushing the sale, regardless of how easy it seems to be and easy way to make money online

Regardless of your primary business or opportunity, this is essential in the relationship-building phase.

For instance, your company already should have a system in place for people who are experienced in building meaningful business and interpersonal relationships; however, one of the reasons why most people struggle in their network marketing opportunity…Mistake #17: Wife Kills Husband During Run

… is because they feel that it’s an instant gratifying experience, versus a natural process that evolves and deepens over time.

Mr. Lyde would up near I-540’s exit ramp, not because he couldn’t run the same distance as the women…

….but his pride did not allow to turn back on the system that was already successful.

Do you know someone on your team like that?

The sales process is simple, but is modified according to the company’s tools and training:

  1. Introduction/Welcome
  2. Needs Assessment
  3. Presentation/Demonstration
  4. Negotiation/Close
  5. Delivery/ Follow up

If you do not focus on your prospect’s needs, wants, and desires…

… you’ll continue your path to mediocrity, just like the Mr. Lyde…

…or worse =)

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Mistake #17: Wife Kills Husband During Run











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