Arrogant? Of Course… But Isn’t That Network Marketing Anyway? 😉

Let’s Cut Through The Foreplay… You Don’t Want To Be Successful

…as it sometimes seems as thought nice guys (like myself) finish last…

especially in this affiliate and network marketing industry

Think about it for a moment:

How many times have you’ve heard that in order to become part of the

top 1% in your respective business opportunity…

…you must focus on building relationships first, then provide them with

whatever they want or need?

The whole platonic friendship-thing is B.S ==> treat your business with

the same mindset that you would if you were looking for a significant other

or mate…

Being married for over 15 years, this is the one thing I can tell you that has

proven time and time again…

…the business aspect of relationship-building comes from being mutually



Put Your BRAND (Not Biz Op) On A High-@$$ Pedestal And Stay There!

The more you make yourself available (or needy) to you prospects…

…the less they feel you’d treat them as the priority

Too flexible with your time and efforts = NO LEADERSHIP

Inundating them with your pitch, with multiple daily follow ups…Arrogant? Of Course... But Isn't That Network Marketing Anyway? 😉

…shows your DESPERATION, with no motivation to want to join

your business opportunity or so-called team

(e.g. you make it look too damn hard)

Face it: spamming multiple groups on social media without consideration

for the fact that probably less than 1% of your so-called followers don’t

give two $#!&* about what you’re saying…

…it’s about how they can either get over or resolve their current situation

And honestly, the ONLY WAY to being able to give them that is through

having the position that you don’t need anything from them


…to be blunt: INFORMATION (the confidence that you WILL succeed with

or without them)

But don’t take my word for it…

…watch me break through 😎

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Arrogant? Of Course... But Isn't That Network Marketing Anyway?


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Exposed Again: My $#!% Is A Scam, But You Love It =)

These Network Marketers Are Still Scamming You

…but today, they simply jump from one awesomely

incredible, super-terrific, uber-unique, new-age/same

crap, holy compensation plans Batman– type of thing,

to another…

…without the consideration of even trying to lead you

in the right direction of successExposed Again: My $#!% Is A Scam, But You Love It =)

Ask yourself this, especially if you’ve been scammed

in some form or fashion:

How would I get the necessary blueprint for success

in my business opportunity if my upline or sponsor

does not speak the language of success himself?

This is because many of them themselves have been

taught the fake it ’til you make it strategy…

…even when common sense kicks in and says that in order

to truly build long-term success in this industry…

The affiliate/network marketing industry has gotten a bad

rap, not because of the products or services…

…but the negative culture that has been created based on

high-pressure sales tactics (think : USED CAR SALES)

A Drowning Man Cannot Learn To Swim

As I was looking for a way to show you how to speak the

language of whatever business opportunity you’re in…

I ran across this profound video:

You see, most people immediately lack the ability to see pass

their current situation to understand that material success is a

reflection of the person they’ve become…

Their desire for personal improvement transcends the moment…

…and their behaviors, actions, and decisions are always in a

progressive motion

So Your $#!% Is A Scam… Now What?

Hopefully, you decide that your dreams are not worth having to work

harder each time these so-called gurus and MLM demigods pull

the rug from under your team…

Exposed Again: My $#!% Is A Scam, But You Love It =)

To Your Success,

Exposed Again: My $#!% Is A Scam, But You Love It =)

Phillip L Lyde

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What Happens When You Follow The Rules & Still Get $#!&@## On? You Keep Charging!

Rhino Rant of the Day

Don’t mind me, but right now, I’m kind of p!ssed at

a number of things today

I don’t want you to think that just because I talk about

positivity that there aren’t moments I don’t feel like this:

What Happens When You Follow The Rules & Still Get $#!&@## On? You Keep Charging!

But I digress (I’m a RHINO, not the Red Hulk… just

a comic nerd-fan)…

I have a serious question for those of you…

…who are either already involved or looking to get into

your own home–based business…

Do you always feel the sense that your efforts are not

being considered when you’re struggling for success?

I ask this because I was reminded that regardless of how

well you treat someone, or whether you decided to be noble

and follow that system towards your goals….

…there will STILL be challenges that will test your mettle…

Don’t think for a moment that just because you signed up for a

business opportunity, that that’s it

I was questioning the need for my experience in training and

education when, in the “Instant Celebrity” Age

…I may not get the same response as some of the people who

market sex, drugs, buffoonery, or even air (SMH)

But You Know What?

I keep reminding myself that

Results Have Immediate & Natural Opportunities”

The people I choose to build a rapport with will be those who

also have a mutual drive or motivation…

and the team I’m building does not discriminate, but we only have

a self-serving interest to develop the most competent and

service-driven community in the network marketing/ affiliate



One of my mentors states that we have to

Put on your two-inch-thick skin and get your hooves pounding

through the jungle”

In other words: focus on quality vs. quantity

As you continue your own personal development, do not become

discouraged if you do not see success quickly…

Continue to work at it, evaluating your performance and the rapports

you attract,

and the process will make your incredible success seem overnight!

What Happens When You Follow The Rules & Still Get $#!&@## On? You Keep Charging!

Meet Me At The Winner’s Circle,

What Happens When You Follow The Rules & Still Get $#!&@## On? You Keep Charging!


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PS- Do you still daydream? When I graduated in 2013, I didn’t want to

continue a commute where my passion didn’t meet my goal of time and

mobility freedom…

If you’re experiencing a similar fate, go here and see where you can meet

some of the most dynamic people in the industry

…showing you that you too can make money from anywhere

Arnold Donald, Carnival Corporation’s 1st Black CEO, Navigates Cruise Lines to $1.5 Billion in Profit

The Prosperous Rhinoceros 2.0:

This is important, not because of race but because of an industry where “85% of the people who actually go on vacation, go somewhere they’ve already been”… Consider where you want to go at

Originally posted on GOOD BLACK NEWS:

Carnival Cruise Lines CEO Arnold Donald Carnival Cruise Lines CEO Arnold Donald (Photo Credit:

MIAMI – Arnold Donald has swag. Not the phony suburban swag, but that old-school, down-home New Orleans Black neighborhood kind of swag that signals the confident chief executive strolling into the board room is clearly in charge. As Carnival Corporation’s first African-American CEO, Donald has prepared for this high-level, high-profile, high-paid position all his life.

At the prestigious St. Augustine High School in New Orleans, an all-boys, all-African-American Catholic school where Donald received a scholarship, he recalled this inspirational mantra from his teachers: “Three times a day, they would say: ‘Gentlemen, prepare yourselves, you’re going to run the world.’ ”

It’s close enough. Today, Donald, 60, leads the world’s largest cruise line with 120,000 employees and 100 ships for the 10.5 million passengers who cruise with Carnival each year. Sitting inside his spacious 10th-floor office at Carnival Corp. in suburban…

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How $933.28 Will change Your Life Now (Even If You Make $60k +)

My Part-Time Fortune Vs. The 9-to-5

This is one of the dopest motivational videos I’ve seen in a while:

Today, I had an epiphany of sorts…

As I was thinking of ways to continuously maximize my sales funnel was then that I realized how appreciative I need to be for my

newfound level of growth and success

You see, if I were stuck in the traditional job market…

…I’d have to simply suck up whatever curves came my way

In fact, one of the last paystubs I received was for a total of $933.28

…and that’s for 72 hours of work!

Corporate offices were fine with me working more for less pay, which

kept reminded me of why I needed to be serious about

Living My Dreams Everyday

Is Your Dream Worth $933.28?

Not to say that I don’t have challenges now (we all do), but there is a

difference in the way I handle life’s stressors…

I still teach in an alternative setting; however, the issues I thought were

important are actually minute compared to my overall dreams

Think of it this way: I’ve got way too much to do for me and loved ones

to be sulking, whining, complaining, bitching, moaning…

on conditions where I ultimately have the power to succeed

It doesn’t matter the classroom; in the network marketing/affiliate marketing

setting, it is about how clear you are in being the best you can be to your

prospects and team, not whether you made quadruple-star, teal octagon

Executive of widget sales…

The Best Part? You do too!!!

I heard once that we are special, not unique…How $933.28 Will change Your Life Now (Even If You Make $60k +)

Even if you are grinding long hours, whatever you want to do in life…

…you have the ability to do it!

It sounds cliche, I know…

…but as John Maxwell once said

I will live my life according to my priorities…”

How do you start? Simple…

…just do it, then adjust according to how well you do 😉

Even if you do not reach the level of success that you were aiming


..that small triumph will create more momentum for you to others

than could have been possible with you looking for a big payday

or lottery ticket

Don’t sleep on your success- keep moving forward!

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See YOU At the Top,

How $933.28 Will change Your Life Now (Even If You Make $60k +)


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HS English Teacher Shoots Himself… Thinking Success Was About This

It’s Been Over A Year And Nothing’s Changed

Check out this video by E.T., the hip hop preacher

When I was in the classroom, it became clear that the people

you possibly do the most service for do not appreciate what it

is you do for them…

Communication Is Necessary

In the video, the one word that stood out was a word we tend to

almost make a cliché…


By the way, one of the things I enjoy is the ability to chop down a

word through its origins

In case if you hadn’t read my earlier post here, it was when I saw

that word flashed on the screen that the light bulb went off

You see…

Too many of you may be reading this, thinking that whatever it

is you actually do, deserves the same recognition as the industry

leaders and gurus, the bosses and owners, etc.

The reason for that is because of the minor distractions that lead

to even larger procrastinations

Those procrastinations become missed opportunities…

…and guess what?

Those missed opportunities get filed in the woulda, coulda, shoulda


…again (SMH)

Don’t Shoot Yourself In The Foot Anymore

What’s awesome about your past experiences is that it didn’t matter

when you started today…

…nor will today’s issues matter tomorrow

Because you know that in order to not appear insane to your loved

ones… have to dust yourself off and hit the ground each day as if it’s

your last

Start charging!

HS English Teacher Shoots Himself... Thinking Success Was About This


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What Kevin Garnett and Jiggly Boy Can Teach Network Marketers Today

Welcome Home, Kevin Garnett

Recently, I was reading that Kevin Garnett has returned to

his original basketball team, the Minnesota Timberwolves

What was so cool about it was related to another video I saw


Why Jiggly Boy Marketing Works Today

For some of you in network or affiliate marketing, the viral video

is something more than a father dancing on the jumbo screen at

another NBA basketball game…

Think about it for a second:

There are three distinct but similar drives we (in general) are looking

for in our respective businesses:

  1. To be financially secure (or debt-free)
  2. To be in a career that we love
  3. To travel and experience time & mobility freedom!!!

However, if we’ve been [FILL IN THE BLANK} to some degree…

We become too prideful in our search for  the above that we either…

…blame the system

…drop out altogether , or…

…try to justify why being unsuccessful was meant to be…

and we go back to what [FILL IN THE BLANK AGAIN] us

Some Affiliate Marketing Advice

Just like Jiggly Boy…

…you cannot afford to worry about others if your desire is strong


Look crazy if you need to, to get people talking…

And just like #21, Kevin Garnett

…reinvent your brand by going back to where you were the most


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To Your Success,

What Kevin Garnett and Jiggly Boy Can Teach Network Marketers Today

Phillip L Lyde

“THE Prosperous Rhinoceros”