Guess Who’s Back?

Thank You In Advance First, let me say that I sincerely appreciate the fact that I’ve still been able to meet & connect with some dynamic people over the past year since I left network marketing… What’s ironic is that I hadn’t realized that it’s only been a little over a year since my last […]

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HOORAY… I’m Out!!!

Look at this video for a moment… It’s important to understand that the expression of coming out of the closet typically has been reserved to discriminate against groups of people in relations to some esteem regarding sexual identity.   In business this same concept is also valid, as the majority of would-be entrepreneurs compromise their […]

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Even If You’ve Made Some Money, You’re Still Struggling Online With This…

Should You Stop Wishing People Well After The Holidays? I want to take this brief time during my planning to simply say thanks… This is perhaps a trait that we (as professionals) take for granted, … especially when it comes to building meaningful long-term relationships. Like Mike Dillard says, we sometimes forget that in our beloved […]

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