MLM Husband Dies Of Suffocation- Ruled Suicide

MLM Husband Dies Of Suffocation- Ruled Suicide

Knightdale, North Carolina: 11:43 pm EST

Last night, around 11:45pm EST in the Planters Walk subdivision in Knightdale

an African American male in his early-to-mid 40s was found unconscious for some

time in his home office.

It was later ruled that he suffered from asphyxia or suffocation.

The Exact Cause Has Been Concluded To Be Self-inflicted (Suicide)

According to the man’s family, he seemed fine on the surface: he had came in from

work, discussed some problems that had occurred at his job, complained about not

having enough money each pay period, wanting to spend more time with his family,

being tired of settling in life… typical stuff most people talk about.

He went to his home office where he was continued to work towards his dreams of overwhelm-computer-guy

being an entrepreneur; however, one of his children found unresponsive at his desk

not breathing.

Underneath his keyboard was a note that stated he could not get over the hump and

frustrations of not achieving any real success in the network marketing industry…

He inferred some key points:

  • He never knew enough people to talk to that saw the same value he did
  • He could not get others to duplicate his success- high turnover rate
  • He never had time with his job, family, Facebook posts, and other distractions…

He also stated that he was tired of these instant gratifying methods of doing business in

an industry where the only a select 3% ever make any real money, due to their ability in

overselling the idealism of hope.

This, he confessed, was why he no longer can tolerate being part of a system where the

masses do not want to go through the process of piquing, inviting, closing, and training; even

though he still had faith that someone would institute a level of ethics and morals, he felt that

the majority of the MLM industry will discredit and burn itself out with forming validating rapports;

Whew! I’m glad that’s not anyone you know… 😈

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On a serious note: How are you?

No really…

You are perhaps moments away from achieving your breakthrough in life…

…yet, something or someone is holding you back

it’s you


Why do we (as people) feel that we cannot succeed in life unless it’s based on the same

Industrial-Era mindset?

While there’s nothing wrong with wanting to work a stable job, or buy a house by the time

you reach 30…

…at what point do you consciously say that you have to be realistic about your goals in life?

Melissa usually refers to it as keeping it real…

…however, I AM a RHINO, meaning this archaic paradigm has always seemed to diminish my

potential in living my dreams consistently.

What are your thoughts?

Be Unrealistic The Rhino Way

Here’s Scott’s video illustrating my point:

You can start bringing your unrealistic goals closer to you when you make the decision to move

toward them.

The best way I know personally to get from where you are now to where you want to go is

to CLICK HERE now.

To Your Success,

MLM Husband Dies Of Suffocation- Ruled SuicidePhillip L Lyde

“The Prosperous Rhinoceros”

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Why Do You Change MLM Companies For the SAME Results? SMH

Why Do You Change MLM Companies For the SAME Results? SMH

5 Good Reasons Why Nobody Buys From You

Most network and affiliate marketing reps are so hyped up over joining, that they consistently miss those subtle nuances Why Do You Change MLM Companies For the SAME Results? SMHthat provide the outcomes that they are looking for: how to make money without doing what it takes to succeed- WORK!

Let’s be honest for a moment: you don’t really want to help people as much as you need to make money for whatever reason, right? I can’t blame you though…

The thing is, whenever that becomes the sole force for you joining XYZ company or business opportunity

…you’ll continue to run the risk of losing everything in the process

Here’s what I mean

Check this out:

What’s interesting about what Mr. Antonio says is that this is not just a simple rejection of you personally…

…but an often overlooked fact that you do not have any credibility to the other person’s needs, wants, and/or desires

Most people don’t, but not because they’re not likeable…

They fail to promote the team concept over the individual products, services, or information…

This is what the other 97% do very well… just look at the results (Spoiler Alert: it’s not good)

I usually do these quick 14-second clips on Instagram explaining some of these principles, as anyone who’s been in multilevel marketing or MLM for longer than a day can tell you…

People buy from those they know, like, and trust…”

The only objection that you (as the professional) should perhaps accept is the one where someone cannot make an immediate commitment…

…and those are people you wouldn’t want to partner with anyway

What You Should Be Doing Right Now

Am I saying that you made a bad decision or mistake? Possibly…

But that’s how you become better at your craft, isn’t it?

Without totally abandoning your visions for a better life, I would encourage you to do the following…

…at least for starters, if you haven’t already:

  1. Establish/ Re-establish you true reason for joining XYZ company or business opportunity. It has to be something BIGGER than simply making more money, or wanting to be an Insta-celebrity online
  2. Find out if your current company’s whatever can realistically provide the support, training, and system for you (and others on your team) to duplicate the success the 3% claim
    1. YES- Great! Review with your sponsor on how you can better improve areas within your skill set, in order to improve your outcomes
    2. NO- Reconsider the cost of finding a new company, or plugging into a system that can effectively teach you how to develop your skill set within a reasonable amount of time (SN: notice I did not say a specific period. Think about it: since I don’t know your work ethic, time commitment, available resources, etc., your success will be dependent on your ability to make a series of small commitments based on your long-term goals)
    3. Not Sure- Again, why are you… doing this? Refer back to #1 ASAP!
  3. This is perhaps the most important: Don’t overdo it… Just start!

Why Do You Change MLM Companies For the SAME Results? SMH

See You At The Top,

Phillip L Lyde

“The Prosperous Rhinoceros”

It Pays To Know Me

Your Reason Has Nothing To Do With Why You Still Fail

Your Reason Has Nothing To Do With Why You Still Fail

Your Excuses Have Nothing To Do With Success Or Failure

Take a look and listen to this person’s remarkable story:

You’re probably wondering what does this have to do with your networking or affiliate marketing


but what you’ve been missing this whole time is the fact that it is not what you want that is

important- it is the picture you have for yourself

I’m not a mind reader or anything close, but I can tell you that the reason why you’ve been jacking

up your results (e.g. meaning any level of success) is that you’re focusing on the wrong things…

…perhaps because you don’t know better, and your sponsor doesn’t either

The Secret Is That There Is NO Secret- Get Over It!

I think Darren Hardy (of Success Magazine) perhaps sums it up here better… what do you think?

At some point, like I said in my IG clip about Labor Day…

You must understand that your success and/or failure is the combination of the process and delivery

of your efforts… hence, the “labor”

If you have children, you may be able to relate…

as my wife went through #@!! and back to naturally deliver all four of our boys…

…the smallest being only 8lbs 13oz

Your Reason Has Nothing To Do With Why You Still Fail Ideally, you want to get off to a fast start, hit all your goals, become an overnight sensation, etc.

But the truth of the matter is that nothing worth having comes before you are ready, period!

You have to put in the time, effort, growth, and continuously stretch your if you are serious about what it

is you’re wanting to accomplish…

…there’s no way around that, even if you take shortcuts

You Know What? Let Me Put It This Way…

To Your Success,

Your Reason Has Nothing To Do With Why You Still Fail

Phillip L Lyde

“The Prosperous Rhinoceros”

Before I Forget: Are you satisfied with how your results are going?

How much longer will you continue to do your network and affiliate marketing businesses

the wrong way?

I say this because like you, I once thought that if I could show how clever I was (with my four

Masters degrees), I’d be an instant success in this industry… I was so wrong! :-)Your Reason Has Nothing To Do With Why You Still Fail

Bottom line: if you do not have the time, energy, and/or resources to live your dreams everyday

in your respective business opportunity, you definitely need to go here and follow a system that’ll

get you back on the right track, without discrediting yourself or your brand online and offline.

By using this system, you’ll be able to position your primary business as one of the fastest-growing

teams, simply by offering more value to your prospects’ needs

You also retain more people in your downline who have been either struggling to make their first check,

or are suffering from high turnover rates… which negatively impact your team’s overall morale & growth

Go here while it’s still free, and share with your team right away!

Master The Art Of RUNNING Towards Your Goals

Master The Art Of RUNNING Towards Your Goals

I Woke Up At 2:38am And Realized This

I wrote this a while back, and felt that it was time to dust it off :-)

You know what’s crazy?Master The Art Of RUNNING Towards Your Goals

I woke up this morning and couldn’t go back to sleep because I was thinking about how I can help people and their families even more…

…using my skill set as an educator.

You see, in network and affiliate marketing, I kept trying to stick out, persevere if you will…

…and I continued to struggled until I made some slight changes to one thing:

My reaction to the events causing my disbelief or frustration…”

But more about that later…

How Time Flies And Stays The Same

Melissa and I discussed how persevering can sometimes take a toll, especially when it entails other people’s relationships:

The reason why I’m still talking about this topic almost three years later, is because in spite of the fact that success and greatness have a causal relationship…

…the struggle in our industry is still around 97%

This Isn’t The First Time I told You This, But Each Time I

Learn Something New

It’s never been about my upline sponsor or the company, or the fact that like most people…

Most sponsors or uplines will always tell you to determine your “why”, but for some reason, they don’t follow up and ask about why you should stay in the fight…

There’s a saying that you don’t know what you don’t know, and while I agree with that somewhat

The other side of the argument is this: if that is the case, then you have a personal responsibility to yourself and your loved ones to not only go all in for your “why”…

…but you also have a liability to determine why you must commit longer than the fast start bonus.

This is what came to me that caused me to sit up at the sky lights in my living room:

Perseverance is mastering the art of running towards your goals..”

I must have heard it somewhere, because it’s dope :-)

Do This Simple Thing And Watch Change Happen

To be honest, there are so many awesome references to do this effectively, that I’ll keep it simple:

  1. Keep your core (values) tightMaster The Art Of RUNNING Towards Your Goals
  2. Head down… GRIND
  3. Go past the finish line… DON’T STOP

No different than a world-class sprinter, seconds lose are opportunities taken by someone else.

So what’s it gonna be?

I Expect To See You At The Top,

Phillip L Lyde

“The Prosperous Rhinoceros”

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Nas To Fund Tech Scholarships for African-Americans and Latinos at General Assembly in NYC

The Prosperous Rhinoceros 2.0:

Excellent example of how hip hop is not the problem… it’s the individual character of many, but not all- Ashe’

Originally posted on GOOD BLACK NEWS:

nas instagram Nasir Jones aka Nas (photo via

Nas is partnering up with General Assembly to sponsor scholarships for African-American and Latino students, according to reports.

General Assembly, a vocational school for engineering and programming in New York City, is opening the “Opportunity Fund” to help bring diversity into technology.  Microsoft, Google and Hirepurpose will also provide monies for the project. Each company will sponsor different populations. While Nas will give scholarships to African-Americans and Latinos, Microsoft and Hirepurpose will provide funding for veterans and Google will give scholarships to women.“This is the start of what hopefully will be a contribution to what will be a more diverse and accessible community worldwide,” General Assembly CEO Jake Schwartz told the Observer.

This is not the first time Nas has had his name attached to an educational opportunity – in 2013 Harvard University created the Nasir Jones Fellowship in his honor.  It’s wonderful that he…

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How To Promote The MLM Opportunity Without Aggression Or Secrecy

Rhino Rant #802: Why I Hate Most Network Marketers Still in 2015

Think about this for a moment: you are someone important who’s

perhaps in need of something in the network marketing industry…

How To Promote The MLM Opportunity Without Aggression Or Secrecy…better yet, you’re in need of someone who can help you with your

needs (e.g. physical, mental, spiritual, financial, etc.)

The problem is that when you’re at a point like I was a few short years

ago, you realize that most network marketers are simply full of $#!%…

…and whatever it is that you originally needed help with, they do not

(or choose not to) find out how their products, services, or information can actually remedy that need.

But let’s take it a step further…

Here’s a video I did a while back on what I’m talking about:

You see I, for instance, do not know you…

…so what I’ve experienced in my years in network and affiliate marketing

is nothing short of common sense when dealing with new people…

Treat others as you would be treated”

This is not rocket science…

For instance, I recently met with a young woman who’s also in the network

marketing profession

…however, her level of professionalism could’ve been considered amateurish

at best

I don’t think it was her fault though: either she or her sponsor did not prepare

to doing the steps that most leaders do immediately to gain rapport and find out

exactly what it is a person is looking for

Here’s The Issue

The young woman I mentioned had many of the qualities that’ll eventually help

succeed in this field:

  • She was energetic and enthusiastic about her company
  • She was ambitious (maybe a little too much)
  • She seemed money -motivated, although she said she wanted to help others
  • …and she had some sales experience (I guess)

But here’s where she’s losing money: she seriously lacked active listening skills!

Here’s what I mean:

If you really want to succeed in a challenging environment such as sales, or in social

settings where it is important for you to communicate with others…

…here’s where you start!

You can look the part and say the right things, but even if you were selling magical

unicorns who $#!%%ed hundred dollars bills every time you fed it a bowl of Lucky


…no one would care enough to considers buying them

$1,000,000 Fortune-Building Tip

In order to understand why it is important to be an active listener, look at your the level

of your current relationships (personal and professional)

Ask yourself these basic questions whenever you fail to attract more business, success…

…whatever you’re intending on promoting:

  1. What was their name?
  2. Where were they from?
  3. Were they married?
  4. What did they say they did for a living?
  5. What was their most important need or desire?
  6. How can I help them (aside from selling them something)?
  7. How soon can I help (if possible)?
  8. What other features did I take note of?

Your self-assessment may or may not be exactly like; however, most successful people in

our industry are capable of mastering this one trait, even if they lack the experience on a

sales level…

…and they’ll be better equipped for long-term achievement than the fly-by-night salesperson

who continuously makes a bunch of money upfront…

…to only jump to the next company, dragging the same list of people with them

And we wonder why most network marketers are still struggling, even with all the opportunity to

get things done correctly.

Did you gain any value from this article? Like, comment, and share so that others may


To Your Development and Growth,

How To Promote The MLM Opportunity Without Aggression Or Secrecy

Phillip L Lyde

“The Prosperous Rhinoceros”

I Work With The Best In The Biz

PS- As you begin your work tomorrow, remember that your ability to grow as a leader

depends on your ability to communicate your intentions in a non-aggressive manner.

If you are looking to improve your skill set in network or affiliate marketing, here’s a

system that most people immediately decide to join, as it provides their potential business

associates the opportunity of making money without spending money– In other words…

here is where they can achieve some success as they learn how to build a long-term business