How I Almost Died... And Why I Might Do It Again

How I Almost Died… And Why I Might Do It Again

True Story: I Almost Died

Here’s a video of what happened the second day of returning back to


Death Is Change

What makes my situation special is not the fact that people have dormant

allergies that activate later in life…

…but the need to recognize any potential signs were not there.

For instance, it took 38 years for me to be allergic to peanuts; yet, there are

people who do not realize they are maybe one experience from missing out

on their opportunity in life.

How I Almost Died... And Why I Might Do It AgainThink about it: my reaction is perhaps reflective of the macrocosm of so many

people in the world who never get the chance to live out their true potential…

…simply because they are either scared, complacent, or they’ve allowed other

mediocre people (including loved ones) to steal their ambition.

One of my mentors in network marketing would say:

If you cannot change the people around you, change the people around you

Why are we so concerned about the opinions of others, when our dreams should

be a testament to our faith in the growth process?

It’s because the inconvenience of success is outweighed by the need for acceptance.

How Death Changed My Perspective Over Time

Even after my brush with death, I still taught that I had to be accepted professionally in

this industry based on what others wanted…

…and I was wrong!

To be honest, they didn’t lose sleep over my circumstances at the time, and it was I who

placed them on such a pedestal based on what I thought was overnight success…How I Almost Died... And Why I Might Do It Again

My success is the culmination of 41 years of blood, sweat, tears, piss, $#!^, and any other

material ups and downs that have occurred in my life up until this point…

And guess what?

You’re no different than anyone else who’s gone through similar episodes of change…

…but your learning curve can be shorter if your have the right support system in place

I don’t say this to unmotivated you in any way; however, be aware that if you are truly serious

in living the life that you and your loved ones deserved…

…you cannot (under most circumstances) take their advice on how to do it- period!

You already know them, and more than likely, they may not want to change with you…

So what are you going to do?

How I Almost Died... And Why I Might Do It Again

May You Die To Breakthrough,


Travelling @ The Speed Of Life 🌐

By The Way… did you know that the average self-made millionaire has failed at least 17

different businesses? Each failed attempt brought them closer to their breakthrough as

they continued to learn the necessary lessons in personal development.

I’m not saying that’ll be you, but if you are serious about building and growing your

network/affiliate marketing business, without the hype or fluff about being a guru or lazy,

you need to check out why we’ve decided to go back to some time-tested “old school”

methods that still work here… You’ll be glad you did 😉


How To Become A Network Marketing Phenom (Like TPR) 🏆

Al King: The Realization Moment

Let me start off with this very profound lesson I was reminded of

from one of my mentors in this industry, Mr. Al King:

Here’s the story: when I first started my journey towards time and

mobility freedom…

…there weren’t many people in my local area who were either involved

in the same business opportunity I was in, or…

…they simply were ignorant to the positive value that network marketing has

In any sense, it was when I experienced my own epiphany that my results

began to surface

Here’s How My Realization Moment Happened

A while back, I was in an organization where I personally felt my sponsor (who I

knew since childhood) wasn’t directing me in the way in which I want with the company…

…which, to his defense, was immature on my part

I ended up following one of my uplines who, as soon as I joined him in another company…

…left me high and dry (again, my fault)How To Become A Network Marketing Phenom (Like TPR) 🏆

This made me consider the fact that the true leaders in this industry are the ones who

make themselves available as a needed resource, not someone who should be taken

for granted (isn’t that all of us?) 😊

Nor or they the ones who are only available for the needs of their team when it’s convenient

to them solely- they are there simply because there is mutual appreciation for what each

person brings to the growth of the team…

From that point, I understood that even with the differences in leadership styles, personalities,

and teaching acumen…

if I sincerely wanted to become one of the best to ever do it, I had to go back to being


…as well as build relationships with other professionals’ strengths that would reflect an

inclusive learning environment

How To Shorten Your Learning Curve With This

I guess about two years now, I did a video that discusses some of the necessary

questions we (as network marketers) should be asking, even prior to inviting the

prospect to a 3-way call or some other tool that validates our leadership:

It was surprising, because it’s been a while since I had seen it…

…but you know what?

Most of the industry’s only changed slightly; most network & affiliate marketers

do many of the things I mention, but neglect focusing on those productive tasks,

to include:

  1. Connecting into the system
  2. Learning the system (through observing the leaders of the company)
  3. Sharing the system’s value with others
  4. Earning (whether financial or personal growth)

Even before someone can eventually automate (Bonus Hidden Key) their process…

…methods like using 3-way calls and events can greatly improve one’s results if

they take the time to commit to the steps mentioned

But even then, the integrity and professionalism that you have will also reflect in how

you help your team members achieve their goals.

To Your Success,

How To Become A Network Marketing Phenom (Like TPR) 🏆

Phillip L Lyde

“The Prosperous Rhinoceros”

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How Many More "Pre-launches" Will You Be Promoting? 😵

How Many More “Pre-launches” Will You Be Promoting? 😵

First Things First…

I’ve been somewhat out of the loop in regards to writing blogs lately…

…as I’ve been using other platforms to get my message across

I haven’t forgotten about you all, and I want to thank you for taking the

time in reading my perspective…

… Now On To The Good Stuff

Being in the network and affiliate marketing industry, I sometimes have the

unfortunate pleasure of meeting other entrepreneurs who, while they have

different backgrounds, experiences, or intentions…

…they seem to all have the same posture when it comes to the cardinal rule of

our profession: they spam the $#!% out of me, making it hard for me to make an

informed decision about their opportunity because I’m already turned off

It was like the hype wasn’t the actual thing…

…kind of like this:

This is not how you introduce someone (even if they’re familiar with your company)

to what you have to offer, as it’s not about the product, services, or comp plan…

…it’s about how well you market YOU, Inc.

Let’s Review The Facts Shall We?

If you are serious about making money in the network and affiliate marketing sector,

How Many More "Pre-launches" Will You Be Promoting? 😵remember that:

  1. NO ONE CARES about what you want to share, period!
  2. If you do not have a productive list, forget about making the shift to “MLM rockstar” 🎸
  3. If you don’t have a mentor who’s sincere about your success, replace or find one
  4. If you don’t have a system that produces long-term results, you’ll still be limping around

Again, it’s not about the product or the company…

…it’s about how well you are able to

This is a simple, but hard thing to do…

Not because it cannot be done, but that most people are resistant to changing their skill set.

The Four Simple Steps To Making Money Now

One of my mentors, Al King, sums it up this way…

Connect, Learn, Share, and Earn… that’s it!”

Are you up to the challenge?

I say this, and I mean sincerely say this because even in 2015 with all of the information that’s

out there…

… I can probably bet that about 85% or more network marketers still do one of three things:

  1. Introduce their link before they introduce themselves
  2. Promote, promote, promote (through spamming) until they get burned out, and…
  3. Jump ship to another organization in hopes of doing the same thing (no growth model)

By now, I’d even agree with your argument that you have to have a singular focus in order

to concentrate all of your efforts, and that you shouldn’t spread yourself too thin

But think about it this way: how do you focus on your vision when the one key trait in this business

is to…

Develop Relationships

…the one thing that your key leaders in this industry have gone over…

…time and time again, but yet so many of us fail to do?

I would encourage you to consider finding someone who’s willing to provide you with the tolls and

support to earn the credibility of your brand (YOU, Inc.) while you learn how to be a more effective

leader through duplication…

…but from the looks of things, if you’re still reading, I think you’ve already found him 😁

To Your Persistence and Foresight To BEcome Better,

What They Don’t Teach Kids in School








Phillip L Lyde, MBA, M.Ed

“The Prosperous Rhinoceros”

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Before I forget- Because I want to say thanks again for reading this post, here is a good low-cost

resource to build your list, especially if you’re just starting or you’ve hit a fork in the road with your

business opportunity… Enjoy 👏

Arrogant? Of Course... But Isn't That Network Marketing Anyway? 😉

Arrogant? Of Course… But Isn’t That Network Marketing Anyway? 😉

Let’s Cut Through The Foreplay… You Don’t Want To Be Successful

…as it sometimes seems as thought nice guys (like myself) finish last…

especially in this affiliate and network marketing industry

Think about it for a moment:

How many times have you’ve heard that in order to become part of the

top 1% in your respective business opportunity…

…you must focus on building relationships first, then provide them with

whatever they want or need?

The whole platonic friendship-thing is B.S ==> treat your business with

the same mindset that you would if you were looking for a significant other

or mate…

Being married for over 15 years, this is the one thing I can tell you that has

proven time and time again…

…the business aspect of relationship-building comes from being mutually



Put Your BRAND (Not Biz Op) On A High-@$$ Pedestal And Stay There!

The more you make yourself available (or needy) to you prospects…

…the less they feel you’d treat them as the priority

Too flexible with your time and efforts = NO LEADERSHIP

Inundating them with your pitch, with multiple daily follow ups…Arrogant? Of Course... But Isn't That Network Marketing Anyway? 😉

…shows your DESPERATION, with no motivation to want to join

your business opportunity or so-called team

(e.g. you make it look too damn hard)

Face it: spamming multiple groups on social media without consideration

for the fact that probably less than 1% of your so-called followers don’t

give two $#!&* about what you’re saying…

…it’s about how they can either get over or resolve their current situation

And honestly, the ONLY WAY to being able to give them that is through

having the position that you don’t need anything from them


…to be blunt: INFORMATION (the confidence that you WILL succeed with

or without them)

But don’t take my word for it…

…watch me break through 😎

If you found this article interesting, LIKE, COMMENT, and SHARE; otherwise,

keep trollin’ 😅

See YOU Onstage,

Arrogant? Of Course... But Isn't That Network Marketing Anyway?


💵  This Is What You Wanted In The First Place 💵

Exposed Again: My $#!% Is A Scam, But You Love It =)

Exposed Again: My $#!% Is A Scam, But You Love It =)

These Network Marketers Are Still Scamming You

…but today, they simply jump from one awesomely

incredible, super-terrific, uber-unique, new-age/same

crap, holy compensation plans Batman– type of thing,

to another…

…without the consideration of even trying to lead you

in the right direction of successExposed Again: My $#!% Is A Scam, But You Love It =)

Ask yourself this, especially if you’ve been scammed

in some form or fashion:

How would I get the necessary blueprint for success

in my business opportunity if my upline or sponsor

does not speak the language of success himself?

This is because many of them themselves have been

taught the fake it ’til you make it strategy…

…even when common sense kicks in and says that in order

to truly build long-term success in this industry…

The affiliate/network marketing industry has gotten a bad

rap, not because of the products or services…

…but the negative culture that has been created based on

high-pressure sales tactics (think : USED CAR SALES)

A Drowning Man Cannot Learn To Swim

As I was looking for a way to show you how to speak the

language of whatever business opportunity you’re in…

I ran across this profound video:

You see, most people immediately lack the ability to see pass

their current situation to understand that material success is a

reflection of the person they’ve become…

Their desire for personal improvement transcends the moment…

…and their behaviors, actions, and decisions are always in a

progressive motion

So Your $#!% Is A Scam… Now What?

Hopefully, you decide that your dreams are not worth having to work

harder each time these so-called gurus and MLM demigods pull

the rug from under your team…

Exposed Again: My $#!% Is A Scam, But You Love It =)

To Your Success,

Exposed Again: My $#!% Is A Scam, But You Love It =)

Phillip L Lyde

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What Happens When You Follow The Rules & Still Get $#!&@## On? You Keep Charging!

What Happens When You Follow The Rules & Still Get $#!&@## On? You Keep Charging!

Rhino Rant of the Day

Don’t mind me, but right now, I’m kind of p!ssed at

a number of things today

I don’t want you to think that just because I talk about

positivity that there aren’t moments I don’t feel like this:

What Happens When You Follow The Rules & Still Get $#!&@## On? You Keep Charging!

But I digress (I’m a RHINO, not the Red Hulk… just

a comic nerd-fan)…

I have a serious question for those of you…

…who are either already involved or looking to get into

your own home–based business…

Do you always feel the sense that your efforts are not

being considered when you’re struggling for success?

I ask this because I was reminded that regardless of how

well you treat someone, or whether you decided to be noble

and follow that system towards your goals….

…there will STILL be challenges that will test your mettle…

Don’t think for a moment that just because you signed up for a

business opportunity, that that’s it

I was questioning the need for my experience in training and

education when, in the “Instant Celebrity” Age

…I may not get the same response as some of the people who

market sex, drugs, buffoonery, or even air (SMH)

But You Know What?

I keep reminding myself that

Results Have Immediate & Natural Opportunities”

The people I choose to build a rapport with will be those who

also have a mutual drive or motivation…

and the team I’m building does not discriminate, but we only have

a self-serving interest to develop the most competent and

service-driven community in the network marketing/ affiliate



One of my mentors states that we have to

Put on your two-inch-thick skin and get your hooves pounding

through the jungle”

In other words: focus on quality vs. quantity

As you continue your own personal development, do not become

discouraged if you do not see success quickly…

Continue to work at it, evaluating your performance and the rapports

you attract,

and the process will make your incredible success seem overnight!

What Happens When You Follow The Rules & Still Get $#!&@## On? You Keep Charging!

Meet Me At The Winner’s Circle,

What Happens When You Follow The Rules & Still Get $#!&@## On? You Keep Charging!


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continue a commute where my passion didn’t meet my goal of time and

mobility freedom…

If you’re experiencing a similar fate, go here and see where you can meet

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