HOORAY… I’m Out!!!

Look at this video for a moment…

It’s important to understand that the expression of coming out of the closet

typically has been reserved to discriminate against groups of people in

relations to some esteem regarding sexual identity.


In business this same concept is also valid, as the majority of would-be

entrepreneurs compromise their own identity for the sake of being a

consumer of immediate gratification.

Has this what attraction marketing become?

I mean, I’m at a point now where it seems like one wave after another…

where good-intended people keep falling for the circus that has become

network or attraction marketing.


I’m not judging…


Like I said, I too was either dressed like or in fascination of the emperor

and it took some these past few months to determine that I needed to not

only reevaluate my priorities, but to find that spark that I had lost during

my moments of frustration.


Here’s to shortening your learning curve,


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