Why MLM Is For Liars

Ironic: How Most Distributors Lie Around In Our Industry

If I was told a while back that I’d be one of those people who loves and supports the network & affiliate marketing industries…

…but SINCERELY HATES the fact that most people who get into MLM will why-you-always-lying-videonever make their initial investment back…

Not because they don’t have the desire or ability to duplicate the success of their sponsors or uplines…

…but simply because most MLM companies do not meet the demand of sustainability when their brand grows past a certain level of market saturation.

Meaning, it’s one thing for an organization to have legitimate products, services, systems, etc. that meet some need for the masses; however, the average distributor has no idea how their company can actually do this, other than to sell or pitch the idealism of hope…

 Sorry, But I Lied To You

This video by The Hip Hop Preacher, Eric Thomas, is definitely on point:

You see, what makes this so deep is that most so-called entrepreneurs continuously develop a persona of what they think success means to their prospects and support system (e.g. family, friends, associates)…

…when it is not only necessary, but critical, for you (as the leader) to know how one gets through the transition from being a recruit to an actual professional

In short, here are the numbers for average, successful, and top earning MLM distributors, regardless of the company (as cited by Doug Firebaugh):

  • HOURS WORKED/ WEEK = average (6); successful (12); “millionaire” (25)
  • PHONE CALLS/ DAY = average (5); successful (15); “millionaire” (50)
  • PEOPLE TALKED TO DAILY = average (1); successful (7); “millionaire” (15)
  • 3-WAY CALLS = average (1); successful (5); “millionaire” (15)
  • PRESENTATIONS/ WEEK = average (2); successful (8); “millionaire” (20)
  • LEADS COLLECTED/ WEEK = average (2); successful (20); “millionaire” (50)
  • FOLLOWS-UP DAILY = average (1); successful (4); “millionaire” (10)
  • SALES/ WEEK = average (1); successful (3); “millionaire” (7)
  • “NO’S” GOTTEN/ WEEK = average (2); successful (10); “millionaire” (25)
  • CONFERENCE CALLS (W/GUESTS)/ WEEK = average (0); successful (2); “millionaire” (5)
  • # OF APPOINTMENTS/ WEEK = average (0); successful (1); “millionaire” (4)

How Do YOUR Numbers Look? Are You Hitting Your Goals?

Mind you, this is still on a part-time basis; however, you can get more of Doug’s tips here

Depending on your company, products, services, etc. these numbers may differ; but if you simply have the desire to improve your level of success, I would suggest that you start with comprehending that there will be a learning curve before you actually achieve any momentum, period!

Simply using wanton abandon, versus being as efficient as you can be with your time, energy, and resources, will make the difference so you don’t have to come across as another lying MLM-type SOB =)

I’ll See YOU At The Top,

And To Think I Almost Went To Law School For This... LOL


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Give Thanks But Don’t Expect It Today

Thanksgiving 2015: The Year Of Entitlement

thanksgiving-quote-9Thanksgiving in the United States means different things to different people…

however, I understand that in spite of this “Holy Day”, this is perhaps one of the few occasions where people consider reflecting on the universal need of appreciation in their lives

I get it- it’s ironic as the measuring stick for whether most people are living their dreams everyday is relegated to materialism of some sort…

…when the need to be of humility and service should reflect in all that you do, even if you’re not an entrepreneur

Some people become short-sighted in realizing that it was the process of both the ups and downs that produced the desired effect of them in the place that they are in today…

…and even still, they are in a better situation than the majority of the world

Be Thankful For Negativity Today!

Dean Rodrigue has an interesting approach to why knowing this for yourself is important here; but let me stress that not everybody is open to this form of self-acceptance…

You see, it is important that the experience itself transform you into someone better, bigger, and perhaps more positive…

…and in this respect, you have to be somewhat selfish in order to eventually become more selfless to the people you may want to do business with

In taking the good and the bad (if you will), you’re able to see the world for what it is, and move either away or towards your purpose

In our industry, this is a critical misstep people overlook…

…as they become emotionally attached to doing business, an action that’s perhaps as impersonal as one can get when building relationships with others

By seeing the rejections, missed appointments, neglected phone calls, etc. being another part of the process, rather than a personal attack or reflection of one’s character…

…the chances that success is around the corner will be in your favor (especially if you have the determination to never quit)

How To Become More Thankful Moving Forward

I am a person who has the best intentions in the world when it comes to developing meaningful relationships that serve the purpose of coexisting in a conducive learning environment…

This year, it’s been more apparent that just because you may build with someone, whether professionally, personally, or some combination of the two…

…some people have a level of expectation where by simply showing up, they should be acknowledged to some degree…

…even if they do not take the time to reciprocate the other person’s role in the dynamic, regardless of the setting (e.g. academic, MLM, community, etc.)

Here’s what I mean, as this “prophetic” video was done almost three years ago (LOL):

As an educator of special needs populations, the biggest issues aren’t with the students themselves, but the parents and support systems that feel I should be grateful for dealing with their dysfunctional child…

As a part-time entrepreneur, I’ve also witnessed this first-hand: you go into business with someone, and although your productivity (or lack thereof) is a direct reflection of your personal needs…

…the other person (in some cases, your sponsor) feels a sense that they should be hailed as the single reason you exist in this industry

I hate to burst your bubble…

but, if you do not go into your network marketing opportunity with the expectation that YOU are the only one who can succeed or fail at this…

…the same cycles will prevail, as you will eventually go back to whatever it was you were doing before you were hyped about your new business opportunity

In other words: Simply give thanks for the moment, and serve others with the expectation that you are good enough to succeed today!

Phillip L Lyde


“The Prosperous Rhinoceros”

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Can Black-Only Network Marketing Company Survive A Global Era?

Can Black-Only Network Marketing Company Survive A Global Era?

Let Me Start Off With This (NSFW Language)

Read this quote from McWhorter (2001) and share your insights:

“Under the Cult of Separatism, expressions of mainstream culture considered ‘default’ by most Americans of all colors are processed by many if not most blacks not as common coin, but as ‘white’. This alienates many black people from some of the most well-wrought, emotionally stirring art and ideas that humans have produced, miring the race in a parochialism that clips its spiritual wings” (McWhorter, 2001, p. 51)

The reason why I started off in this manner is because I had another epiphany (you know how I can get sometimes)…

…and it wasn’t with some random person who trolls the Internet; this person was supposed to be considered a mentor, business partner, hell, I might go as far as saying a friend to some degree.

To make a long story more interesting: Over the course of about six months, I joined this person’s MLM company with the expectations of learning more about this industry, as well as possibly getting with someone who had the same motives and ethics as I (or so I thought)…

What I later found out is that at the end of the day, it doesn’t matter what your intentions are…

…a person can become more emotionally attached to the business relationship than you, creating an awkward space that leaves very little room to grow either intellectually or spiritually.

I get a DM in my Facebook account wondering whether I had blocked or unfollowed him, and to be honest, his reference was based on him not knowing I had suspended my social media accounts for about a week or so (to refocus my vision); however, I get this incredibly long message stating that he was unfriending me for not doing what he asked, and that he was frustrated for whatever reason, and that he posted it on Facebook… blah, blah, blah

Mind you, none of my decisions were a direct representation of our business or personal relationships; however, contrary to my common sense, I engaged him with “don’t come to me with that female $#!^… I’m at a point now that it’s a non-issue” and then didn’t think anything of it, as I took offense that someone who I thought was sincere enough to at least call me so nothing gets misinterpreted online (I haven’t had any issues with his criticisms in the past)…

Here’s the kicker: with both of us being of African descent (e.g. so-called African Americans), you’d think that any personal problems could be handled in a mature way… but then, it wouldn’t be as entertaining, now would it? =)

Here’s The Interesting Part

He continues to rant and rave about coon-@$$ n!gg@$ and every stereotype he could come with on my DM; when I texted him stating I’d call him to see what’s really going on, I get called multiple times for added reference. (Prior to him calling me, I actually sent him a text changing my mind about calling, as I figured we just needed to end our business together.)

At some point, I was decided to stoop to his level and rant back… to be honest, it was both childish and pointless on both of our parts. But here’s what I learned in the process:

  1. Most times, people who try to discredit you online or offline, are not doing it because they actually hate you. You may be a reflection of who they wish they could be (and can’t), as well as they may have some deep-rooted (mental health)  issues that go beyond you, but you’re the path of least resistance. In this case, I believe it was the latter.
  2. In network marketing, the end result is that you make a profit, period! Anyone who tells you that you sincerely want to help you make money with no regard to themselves is full of $#!%. This is why most middle-level success stories are limited to their emotional state… they cannot control or manage effectively how people eventually move without them (tragic)
  3. If you don’t have knowledge of Self, being of sound mind, body, and spirit (MA’AT or balance), you’ll easily fall into the traps of some of these individuals. Remember, you didn’t join your particular MLM because of their vision, but yours…

For me, the irony of this lesson serves as a reminder that in the course of business (or relationships in general), it doesn’t matter your background, past achievements, race, gender, religion, the ability to be successful in this industry can be summed up to really about four distinct, but interrelated parts: dedication, hard work, sacrifice, and focus…

…I’d also say humility as a bonus

Can Black-Only Network Marketing Company Survive A Global Era?

With the case of the person I’m referring to, I look back to discover something I think I was ignoring in the past: the fact that an angry (and desperate) man has relegated his network marketing platform to being segregated by race and not capacity for profit.

My question is why?

I’m not referring to the need for Black-owned business to be supported within their own communities, as other ethnic groups. What I’m saying is that in today’s time, is it possible for this type of thinking to exist, when the standard of the dollar has no discrimination? Can someone (regardless of race) remain angry at the very system model they are using with other groups, and not compromise his or her need to generate revenue and/or profit? It seems counterproductive…

I get having some form of national identity when trying to establish a business, do what you do…

…but if things don’t go your way (which most times, they don’t), is it your position to tell people that they cannot make decisions that best meet the needs of their purpose? This is perhaps why the stereotype of Black business consists of people just talking and not organizing, addressing the problems of their community. Personally, time is too short…

What are your thoughts?

See You At The Top,

Can Black-Only Network Marketing Company Survive A Global Era?



McWhorter, J. (2001). Losing the race: Self-sabotage in America. New York, NY: HarperCollins Publishers, Inc.

And To Think I Almost Went To Law School For This... LOL

And To Think I Almost Went To Law School For This… LOL

How To Grow Your Business: Uncensored 

The other day, I was thinking that I’m sick and tired of committing to other people when they do not reciprocate the needs of the relationship. I mean, I’m through with trying harder than the other person when it comes to establishing and building credible interpersonal relationships…

…it feels so one-sided, you know?

You might not, as I guess I’m the only one in network and affiliate marketing (or any industry for that matter) who’s come to this type of conclusion…

…or maybe you’re simply delusional in thinking that the world still cares what you’re selling or promoting (there, I said it)And To Think I Almost Went To Law School For This... LOL

As an educator for special needs populations, it’s disheartening to assume that eventually…

…the majority of the students’ support system (e.g. family and role models), the school administration, the community, etc., actually gives two flips about the needs of the child…

when it’s apparent that far too many people benefit from the complacency of the current public educational system.

But you want to know something?

I realize that it’s not their fault I feel this way- I simply have been investing more into unproductive exchanges…

interpersonal interactions that are negatively infecting, rather than being affected by my ability to draw out (hence the term education means to take the nature of drawing out or bringing forth)

WTF Does This Have To Do With Anything You’re MLM?

It’s quite simple if you really think about your vision or your why for doing whatever it is you are doing at the moment:

I wrote this article a while back that discusses three common mistakes most affiliates make when it comes to making money online…

And To Think I Almost Went To Law School For This... LOLTo be honest, many of the principles found can also be addressed in the academic sector, as the so-called secret to success is one’s ability to determine which relationships are significant enough to maintain a level of motivation…

…even when the novelty of the initial drive wears thin.

Let me paint a picture: for the average teacher in the public school system, the nobility of the profession is outweighed by the red tape and administrative politics that have not changed over the last 100 years or so.

Sure, legislation changes from time to time; however, the overall scope of true education can be reduced to the need to identify and provide solutions to the daily living problems of the people you serve.

In network marketing, for instance, this is no different:

  • You (the distributor) join ABC company with full intention of helping others
  • Your sponsor or Upline is pleased to sign you up, furthering his or her ability to recruit and grow a team…
  • You plug into the system, but little did you know that there are variables that hinder your progress
  • You begin to get creative by spamming, harassing, or intimidating people on social media
  • You continue to buy the latest product, service, or idea, hoping that it’ll provide some evidence that this works…
  • A) You get frustrated and quit, or you B) stay unfulfilled and simply try to get the numbers…

The end result is that most people (like yourself) will continue to revert to bad habits because it’s more convenient than trying to master one skill at a time…

…because everyone else’s success looks that much more appealing, right?

In this case, I was actually thinking that going back to school would’ve been the answer to my struggles…

versus dealing with the fear of failure any longer…

….especially from my family, friends, and colleagues who are complacent about mediocrity.

It’s Not About Me, But It Is Somehow

This is so powerful…

Check this out:

Bottom line: no one has to support or agree with your vision, except YOU…

Do not go back to who you once were; if you are serious about living your dreams everyday

…continue to hold that vision in your sights, and work harder than you’ve worked yesterday; study your weaknesses and turn them into strengths; become and live your life as if you’re already in achievement…

You the sooner you do this, the better you (and your loved ones) will be.

See You At The Top,

And To Think I Almost Went To Law School For This... LOL


Straight-Forward: Do you want to make more money in network marketing than you’re making right now, or are you planning to change MLM companies again, only to run into the same pitfalls? Would you give me about 20 minutes to show you how it’s done right, regardless of the products, services, or organization?

Once you realize this, you’ll soon know why your sponsor tries to keep you dependent on him or her… Here you go!

And To Think I Almost Went To Law School For This... LOL

How Your Learning Environment Determines Your MLM Success

How Your Learning Environment Determines Your MLM Success

Race To Nowhere… In MLM & Life

I did an alternate lesson for my high school students yesterday that was quite thought-provoking: I had them to write out their purposes, as we were getting ready for the new grading period.

What I learned was that their responses were no different than many of their adult counterparts…

… who lack the clarity it takes to rationalize their goals, hence, living their dreams everyday.

Back to my epiphany: I then showed them a documentary called Race To Nowhere (2011), which discusses the external pressures of academic excellence, which may have adverse effects on the overall well-being of an individual’s ability to grow and develop.

Check this out:

If you have Netflix, you can see the entire documentary there as well…

The Power Of Purpose In Your MLM

I get it- most of you reading this are already involved in some form of network and/or affiliate marketing venture…

…which is awesome in it own right (e.g. you are perhaps that much closer to living your dreams everyday than the other 97% who don’t); however, here are the questions I tend to ask people I may be thinking of partnering with:

“What is your purpose in your business opportunity? Why is that important to me?”

It seems simple enough, but most so-called leaders in this industry do not care any more than the average prospect.

You see, when it comes to duplicating the process of success

…it all starts with clarity in one’s purpose, or comprehending the importance of using one’s “gifts” with the rest of the world (e.g. in this case, to solve other people’s needs).

To illustrate my point: in watching the documentary, I was moved in realizing that regardless of the learning environment (classroom, hotel meetings, 1-on-1 presentations, etc.), the paradigm is about the same…

It is when people (including myself) lose that focus in building relationships beyond the sign-up or the numbers that we begin to:

  • discriminate against one company over the other
  • take a more aggressive approach in posturing our image or brand
  • seem more and more desperate, even when simply piquing someone’s interest…

…all in an effort of trying to shorten the learning curve of success.

This is what Race to Nowhere highlighted with the students and parents in the film…

There is such an emphasis of marginalizing the growth process to gain the point or win, that many people who come into

MLM or network marketing for the first (and subsequent) time…

…often miss out due to the stress of the upline or sponsor telling them that they may be incompetent because they don’t have the necessary activity…

They don’t recognize those factors and circumstances that lead to perhaps a longer turn of events, as everyone’s conditioning for success is different.

I’m not making excuses, but am pointing out some hard-to-accept truths.

The problem that’s been in this industry has been the grey area of ethical and responsible leadership, as many of the middle 94% are only concerned with self-serving motives, such as the next material incentive or promotion.

Race Somewhere…

I won’t promise that change will happen overnight…

…I’m still learning much about this industry through my own personal development, so don’t get discouraged.

 How Your Learning Environment Determines Your MLM SuccessWhat I have found out though,is that in order to really become a credible force in network/affiliate marketing, you have to be clear (like crystal) in your purpose…

…as well as why should someone have faith in you to share it with them.

The moderately low cost of joining is not enough for someone whose focus may not be about price. Maslow (1948) states that within the hierarchy of needs, one’s basic need for food, clothing, and shelter is fundamental; making money without having much (or any) to invest first while you learn the system is fruitless…

Remember, you purpose is to share… not harass, shame, or belittle someone who may not see the value you present at the time. The late Wayne Dyer (Ashe’) says:

“When you dance, your purpose is not to get to a certain place on the floor. It’s to enjoy each step along the way.”

Start there, and everything will be less stressful 😉

Keep Growing… Keep Rising To The Top,

 How Your Learning Environment Determines Your MLM Success

“The Prosperous Rhinoceros”

Purpose-Driven Since 1973

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MLM Sucks Part 2: Why Failure Is The Norm (Rhino Rant)

MLM Sucks Part 2: Why Failure Is The Norm (Rhino Rant)

The Irony Of This Industry Is Not So Ironic

In the traditional sense of the word, network marketing is ideally the sharing of information from one enthusiastic person to another…MLM Sucks Part 2: Why Failure Is The Norm (Rhino Rant)

…however, anyone who’s been in the industry for any period of time will probably understand that currently, people are somewhat smarter than we (as a culture) give them credit for

I used to think that if I were good or nice enough, or if I promoted the idealism of being a resource first to the consumer populations, that eventually, the masses would see the value that I provide in sincerity…

Here’s The Thing

No one really wants to help one another, without the feeling of being either superior or ingratiated in some way; on the other hand, the presence of instant gratification has also created an environment that continues to nurture the misconceptions of both the network and affiliate marketing sectors: desperate reps trying to convince (through either arrogance and/or ignorance) that their plan is the only solution to someone’s problems, when in fact, Mike Dillard used to say

Most people don’t have a want or need for what you’re offering”

This is no more true today than in the last two years when I wrote this article; but for some strange reason, the cycle of dysfunctional rapports between leads, prospects, and organizations continues to show this trend form of acceptance

The window of opportunity is getting smaller with the inclusion of technology, so the archaic methods of prospecting and recruiting have to catch up…

…otherwise, the rates of mediocrity still linger with everyone blaming everyone else for their issues (SMDH)

What Can You Do About It? Nothing, If You Don’t Want It Bad Enough

I’d usually would give some measures of positive reinforcement that you could do to improve your skill set…

…in order to shorten your learning curve; not today 👿

This is how you should be feeling, if you are serious about changing the conditions of your dreams, making more money, or being a better service to others:

We Are All Adults, Right?

From experience, it is naive for you to assume that anyone outside of you will save your loved ones from the state that they’re in… 

So stop with the patronizing, whether it’s intentional or not

Stop trying to be sympathetic, when there are times where you may need to be as brutally honest as you can, because with a society that thrives on instant gratification…

…talking about taking the next few years to build something remarkable, compared to the efficiency of technology and a person’s ability to do (even as a worker bee),

may not make much sense (cents) to that prospect, especially if they have to make a decision between joining your business opportunity, and paying bills for that month

It’s also bull$#!& in trying to convince people that their level success will be identical to yours, even when the internal and external conditions are different; and when they perceive the value for themselves, it becomes less of a system of learning and developing than it becomes a system of copying, pasting, or figuring this out for yourself-type of paradigm…

People want results, not the hope of anything (hope is future tense, e.g. it never comes)…

While I (as an educator) want people to expand on their capacity to contribute to the organism of this industry, it won’t make money in investing more than the prospect invests in him or herself, period!

That’s in any endeavor one’s in…

The Only Lesson I’ve Giving Without Engagement Moving Forward Is This

Know Thyself…”

That’s it!

It’s cliche’ because it is as universal as it gets when establishing interpersonal relationships with others

Think about this for a moment: Who are you… no really?

Not too many people entering into the concept of multilevel marketing or entrepreneurialism get it…

…and the tragedy is that because of their expectancy to succeed without this fundamental truth, when they do eventually stagnate and fail…

they’re lack of self-awareness causes them to blame everyone and everything else…

except them.

In an industry with literally thousands of great products, services, and ideas, you don’t have to settle for someone else’s perception on how to achieve success….

Simply know yourself to the point that you will not longer settle for anything less than your best reflection, and start looking for that… nothing else!

Then, once you start developing your skill sets that create your brand identity, you’ll attract more mutual professional interpersonal relationships…

…and you do not have to feel a sense of obligation in the process (e.g. it is what it is based on everyone’s ability to add tot he growth of the system)

I’ll See You At The Top,

FSU Homecoming 2012

Phillip L Lyde

“The Prosperous Rhinoceros”

Un-Learn What You Think You Know About Us

MLM Husband Dies Of Suffocation- Ruled Suicide

MLM Husband Dies Of Suffocation- Ruled Suicide

Knightdale, North Carolina: 11:43 pm EST

Last night, around 11:45pm EST in the Planters Walk subdivision in Knightdale

an African American male in his early-to-mid 40s was found unconscious for some

time in his home office.

It was later ruled that he suffered from asphyxia or suffocation.

The Exact Cause Has Been Concluded To Be Self-inflicted (Suicide)

According to the man’s family, he seemed fine on the surface: he had came in from

work, discussed some problems that had occurred at his job, complained about not

having enough money each pay period, wanting to spend more time with his family,

being tired of settling in life… typical stuff most people talk about.

He went to his home office where he was continued to work towards his dreams of overwhelm-computer-guy

being an entrepreneur; however, one of his children found unresponsive at his desk

not breathing.

Underneath his keyboard was a note that stated he could not get over the hump and

frustrations of not achieving any real success in the network marketing industry…

He inferred some key points:

  • He never knew enough people to talk to that saw the same value he did
  • He could not get others to duplicate his success- high turnover rate
  • He never had time with his job, family, Facebook posts, and other distractions…

He also stated that he was tired of these instant gratifying methods of doing business in

an industry where the only a select 3% ever make any real money, due to their ability in

overselling the idealism of hope.

This, he confessed, was why he no longer can tolerate being part of a system where the

masses do not want to go through the process of piquing, inviting, closing, and training; even

though he still had faith that someone would institute a level of ethics and morals, he felt that

the majority of the MLM industry will discredit and burn itself out with forming validating rapports;

Whew! I’m glad that’s not anyone you know… 😈

“Discover The ‘Secret Weapon’ Top Rhino Affiliates Use To Capitalize On Their Hard-Earned Traffic BEFORE They Send Them To Websites They Promote, So You Can Boost Your Commissions And Squeeze Every Ounce Of Profit Possible From Your Efforts…”

On a serious note: How are you?

No really…

You are perhaps moments away from achieving your breakthrough in life…

…yet, something or someone is holding you back

it’s you


Why do we (as people) feel that we cannot succeed in life unless it’s based on the same

Industrial-Era mindset?

While there’s nothing wrong with wanting to work a stable job, or buy a house by the time

you reach 30…

…at what point do you consciously say that you have to be realistic about your goals in life?

Melissa usually refers to it as keeping it real…

…however, I AM a RHINO, meaning this archaic paradigm has always seemed to diminish my

potential in living my dreams consistently.

What are your thoughts?

Be Unrealistic The Rhino Way

Here’s Scott’s video illustrating my point:

You can start bringing your unrealistic goals closer to you when you make the decision to move

toward them.

The best way I know personally to get from where you are now to where you want to go is

to CLICK HERE now.

To Your Success,

MLM Husband Dies Of Suffocation- Ruled SuicidePhillip L Lyde

“The Prosperous Rhinoceros”

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